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Pranayama & Bandha

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Pranayama Our breath is the reason we live and how we breathe determines the quality of that life we live. Irregular breathing patterns, contribute to both mental and physical illness. Once we regulate our breathing using yogic techniques we can regulate our bodies innate intelligence, stabilise its natural cycles and enhance our conscious awareness. Pranayama is a sophisticated practice of techniques that utilise breath to harmonize our entire being. The word pranayama is comprised of two roots: ‘prana’ plus ‘ayama’. ‘Prana’ means vital life-force which is the innate essence within all that is existent. “Ayama’ is defined as extension or expansion. Thus Pranayama is the activation and extension or expansion of the vital life force. Pranayama techniques utilise breath control to direct the “prana’ through the ’nadis’ our energy channels. The body according to some yogic traditions has 72,000 nadis. When energy flows freely through the nadis the yogi can attain a fine-tuned sensitivity and spiritual awakening. Bandha Bandha means “lock” and involves engaging parts of the body to optimise physical and subtle health by harnessing pranic energy (vital life-force). The three significant bandhas engaged in the practice are Moola, Uddyana and Jalandara. Bandhas redirect prana into Sushumna Nadi for spiritual awakening. The Sushumna Nadi is the central Nadi associated with Kundalini.

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