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Tantra in its traditional form is a wholistic life-culture, concerned with cultivating the integrated being, body mind, spirit. 

I teach an authentic Kaula system of Tantric yoga as taught by Guru Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha.


My yogic  journey positively transformed my life and I was fortunate to have learnt and taught Hatha, Vinyasa yoga and meditation abroad, in India, South-east Asia and Italy. However learning Tantra was expansive and profoundly enriched my yoga. 

However, from Tantra. I learnt to relax, let go and enjoy yoga more because the Tantric approach to asanas is fundamentally different from the bulk of current western yogic practices that are fixated with alignment & corrections. 

In contrast, the core Tantric focus is intuitive, gentle, non-competitive & meditative. Therefore it is ideal for both beginners and people of more advanced abilities. It is also important to emphasise that this practice is authentic Tantra as opposed to neo-Tantra.


Tantra invokes authenticity & freedom, to express your self, intuitively, in a non-competitive way, dispensing with the weight of the unnecessary, leaving you feeling lighter, less encumbered.

I see Tantra as antidote to our ultra competitive, modern world.
I invite you to experience this with me.

My Classes

Express your self at a deeper level

Tri-dosha series

The key feature of this core practice is that it helps balance hormones and the 3 doshas, Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

Standing Series & Tri-dosha

Aligning and balancing both the skeletal structure, the hormonal system and doshas, Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

Dan Flow & Tri-dosha

This dynamic flow, based on the core posture Dandasana, coupled with the Tri-dosha series is both strengthening & balancing.

Grounding forward bend series

An intermediate level series performed on the floor based around a series of upasana, repeated, seated forward bends.

Pranayama & Bandha

A combination of Pranayama & Kriya to balance the pranic energy, promote digestive, emotional & sexual health.

Ayurvedic Walking Massage 

The Ayurvedic walking massage uses the feet which become sensitive tools & body weight to apply pressure & stimulate the flow of prana 

Bone alignment massage

The Bone alignment massage is performed with the hands and body to re-align the skeletal structure & relax the recipient

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